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Who Am I?

Sarah Stanton

My name is Sarah Stanton, and I got twelve chronic illnesses so you don’t have to.

I currently live in San Francisco, but I grew up in Perth, Western Australia. Halfway through university, I abandoned a promising career in not having much of a career when I transferred from an opera performance course into a Chinese language major. After three ecstatic years cheating lung cancer in Beijing, I settled in San Francisco as a freelance translator and writer. However, chronic and mental illness (ME/CFS, MCAS and others) started to get the better of me and I now spend the vast majority of my time bedbound.

I started this website because my conditions have stolen my capacity to be a full or even very part-time writer, but I will no longer let them steal my capacity to write. If creativity is a channel by which you connect with the outside world, then this is my channel and I’m transmitting as hard as I can. If that looks like five posts a week, great. If it looks like none, that’s fine too.

What will you see on this website? Posts that share my writing–poetry, memoir, and musings on disability–as well as posts that “share my wonder”, curated from curious things around the net. Got some interesting things to send me? You can reach me at the links below:

My Twitter: @theduckopera